Tracy Madden is a best-selling Australian fiction author living in the Brisbane riverside suburb of New Farm. She has been married to her childhood sweetheart Chris for 35 years and has two children, the powerful and beautiful Fleur, and the strong, silent achiever Nick. Mother-in-law to Genevieve she is grandmother, 'Gracy', to Hunter and Baby Boston Bear.

In addition to being a successful novelist, Tracy is also a talented interior decorator, having brought colour and style into the homes of her clients across the country for the last 20 years. With an enormous passion for her family and food, Tracy feels the two are intrinsically linked.

If she cannot be found on her zebra print Louis chair, closeted away in her office, surrounded by all of the things she loves, creating characters, Tracy will be in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, feeding her family, and creating the love.

The very mention of the word Paris brings a smile to her face as for most of her life she has endured a love affair with the city of lights.

Her first novel The Essential Ingredient- Love was published in 2010 with much acclaim. "It appears that I have touched on something that resonates with many women," Tracy said.

Following the international success of her delicious debut novel, The Essential Ingredient- Love, is Tracy's latest offering, Love Is the Answer.

"When I first began writing, I thought I was writing for a more mature woman, however I soon realised I was writing for all women. My books cover modern drama and matters of the heart, and I have a feeling that my purpose on earth is that I'm meant to share love. I am meant to help women get through their journeys, and make them realise that they're not on their own," Tracy said.

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From a young age, I knew that one day I would become a published author. I had planned that it would be when my children were married and I was onto the next stage of my life. Well that time came sooner than expected and floundering in a sea of emotion I began to write. I had always had a lot to say and this was no different. And if imagination is the preview to life's coming attract ions then I had imagined plenty. Very soon, The Essential Ingredient-Love was born.

I had always had a passionate affair with food. After all, my first word was 'More!' As a young girl I was often in trouble at the dinner table asking what we were to be eating the following evening, the anticipation of doing so, great! At school in grade 9 we were asked to write a story in French. Mine was all about food. I may not have been the best French student, however I had a great memory for the French translation of all things edible.

I believe that food is so much part of what keeps me young, happy and inspired. I honestly cannot understand why it is not the centre of everyone's world.

Each day, it is still relatively early when I have decided on a menu for that evening and made a shopping list for my daily trip to the market. Odd as it may sound, for me going to the markets and browsing is akin to other women window shopping. The meals I share with my family are a ritual of togetherness, a companionable